So, you can’t eat {fill in the blank}.

I feel ya, and welcome to the club if you’re new to the life.

I stopped saying: I’m gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. Mostly because of the looks I was getting. I started feeling like I was going to clapback any second with “No, actually, I’m not being trendy. I legitimately can’t eat these foods.”

SO. Now I simply say “I can’t eat wheat, dairy, or eggs.”

And lemme tell ya, the looks I get now are hilarious.

“What do you eat??” “God, if I couldn’t eat cheese I don’t know what I’d do” “So like… what do you eat??”

Yes, I realize these are at least 80% of the typical American diet. My main squeeze is your side dishes. (Disclaimer, I’m more than aware that wheat-free and gluten-free are not the same thing, but for purposes of ease.)

So I started this blog 🙂

I hated feeling like my food sensitivities and intolerances were running my life, instead of the food helping me to run races. I wanted to go on trips, go out with friends, hell get to school on time, without pausing before eating each meal and wondering what was going to trigger a stomachache next that would have me out for the count.

And I’m slowly but surely making progress. Cut to now and multiple “frees” later and I’m training for my second half marathon, learning to rock climb, and finally back in a strength training routine.

(Please note: I’m not a mom trying to figure out how to feed kids. I’m trying my best to adult while trying to feed myself. Also, they’re not medical allergies. I am truly sorry if you have medical allergies. Have I considered going to the ER multiple times for awful stomach issues from food that I had no idea was bad for me at the time? Or that I had no idea what I ate this or that particular time? Yeah. Dozens of times. Thankfully I’m not going into anaphylactic shock; still, it doesn’t feel good when you feel like you have glass balls in your stomach and intestines with no sign of relief from pain or from nausea that lasts days on end.)

So, welcome to HappyGoHangry 🙂 Food for a fit life… when you have food restrictions.